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Best Skilled Chef’s Knives – Reviews 2019 – 2020

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Chef’s Knives

If you’ve spent any significant time in the kitchen, whether it be cooking for yourself, providing a delicious spread for friends and family, or sweating it out in a restaurant kitchen environment, you might be familiar with the irritation of a blunt, dull, or otherwise ineffective knife. Investing in a decent chef’s knife can make all the difference! A sharp blade with the right shape, a comfortable grip, and a good weight behind it can take the effort out of chopping, dicing, and slicing. Below are three top knife choices available today.


Zelite Infinity 10 inch- Alpha-Royal Series Review – Our Number 1

Zelite Infinity 10 inch Alpha Royal SeriesThis knife (view on Amazon) boasts incredible balance, sharpness, and overall quality. Durable, great for cutting through larger vegetables and cuts of meat, the Zelite Infinity 10 inch would be a welcome addition to any collection. Some of it’s main features include:

  • 48mm deep blades specifically designed for effective rocking motion, especially useful when slicing quickly.Zelite Infinity 10 inch Alpha Royal Series Review
  • Premier Japanese VG-10 Super Steel for guaranteed strength and durability. This blade will last a lifetime.
  • The handle is not only stylishly designed but also ergonomic for a comfortable and strain-free grip.

After using this knife, it is easy to see that it warrants a spot on this list.


Features: 48mm blade depth – Premier Japanese VG-10 steel – stylish and ergonomic handle

Pricing: High end





KBK Professional 8 inch Review – Number 2

KBK Professional 8 inchGreat value and great results! Chic packaging and a professional, sleek design are not the only selling points for this knife. The KBK Professional 8 inch is also nicely weighted and makes chopping quicker and easier than before. These are a few of it’s additional functions:KBK Professional 8 inch Review

  • Japanese VG-10 extra strong stainless-steel blade ideal for frequent and sustained use.
  • Sophisticated and comfortable wooden handle to ensure stable grip and powerful motion
  • 67 layer Damascus forging method giving not only an interesting design but also insurance that the blade will not warp or crack over time.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

An affordable and reliable kitchen tool suitable for amateurs and professionals alike.


Features: VG-10 extra strong steel – chic and practical wooden handle – 67 layer Damascus for strength – low maintenance

Pricing: mid-range





Godmorn Chef 8 inch Review – Number 3

Godmorn Chef 8 inchHere we have another professional chef’s knife showcasing excellent results. A more accessible and affordable utensil, the Godmorn Chef 8 inch lives up to it’s brand name and offers a pleasant chopping experience. It has some very good features detailed here:Godmorn Chef 8 inch Review

  • Rigid and stain resistant Japanese AUS-8 steel blade
  • Ergonomic handle for increased control. The handle is also heat resistant which makes this knife perfect for steamy kitchen environments.
  • Super sharp blade edge that will not require frequent sharpening

This knife would make a great gift for a foodie friend, or a treat for yourself.


Features: Japanese AUS-8 steel blade – ergonomic, heat resistant handle – super sharpness

Pricing: affordable






In conclusion, if you’re willing to splash out a bit for something special, the Zelite Infinity 10 inch would definitely be the way to go. It has unbeatable strength, sharpness, and durability and makes for a unique knife experience. For a more budget friendly alternative, I’d recommend the KBK 8 inch for its Damascus forged strength and easy maintenance.




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