Best Kitchen Knife Sets Reviews

Best Kitchen Knife Sets – Reviews 2019 – 2020

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Top 3 Kitchen Knife Sets

For anyone who loves cooking, they’ll know that a chef’s knife is the most important tool in the kitchen. Almost like an extra limb or an extension of one’s hand, a knife not only gives you the perfect cut but also helps with control, timing, safety, and consistency. But what makes a good quality knife? With the steel and the feel an important factor to what makes the perfect knife, additional aspects such as sharpness and harshness also come into consideration.

This list features the top three kitchen knife sets on the market today.


Taylors Eye Witness Brooklyn Stone – Our Number 1

Taylors Eye Witness Brooklyn StoneFounded in 1820, UK based Taylors Eye Witness (view on Amazon)has been providing affordable, great and quality knives for nearly two centuries. Let us see some of this product and its extending features.

  • This product has non-stick antibacterial blades producing a clean and effective way of cutting.
  • Also displays soft grip handles for comfort, control and consistency when chopping.
  • Visually pleasing with a steel ceramic coating and professional appearance.Taylors Eye Witness Brooklyn Stone Review
  • Extremely thin and sharp blades.
  • Great for an amateur chef’s first set of knives.
  • Hand wash only due to slight fading in the dishwasher.

This set of kitchen knives from Taylors Eye Witness is a sturdy product from a long list of quality produced kitchen knives. It has thin and sharp blades that produce a sturdy and quality cut on the chopping board. Overall, this is a worthy contender to make the top spot.


Features: Nice grip – sturdy handle – good for an amateur chef

Price: Affordable





Global Oriental – Number 2

Global Oriental Knife Block SetMade in Japan, Global knives pride themselves on their history and sword making skills for the Samurai of the past. Like the Samurai swords before them, each knife is meticulously produced to provide a quality and long-lasting blade that does wonders in the kitchen. Let’s see just how good this product is.

  • Can appeal to both amateur and professional chefs due to its easy handling.
  • Can be used in the dishwater without affecting the blade or handle.Global Oriental Knife Block Set Review
  • Sharp, light, and easy to use, providing a consistent and reliable cut while chopping.
  • Has a nice and varied range of knives: Global G-4 18cm Oriental Cooks Knife, Global GS-11 15cm Flexible Utility Knife, GS-58 11cm Oriental Cooks Knife, Global GS-54 12cm Santoku Knife, GSF-22 11cm Utility Knife, GSF-15 8cm Peeling Knife and Global Stainless-Steel Knife Block G-8411.
  • Has spare holes for any knives that may be bought in the future.

Overall the Global Oriental knife set is beautifully designed due to its stainless steal and professional appearance. Great for both experts and amateurs, this knife set ticks all the boxes and displays great craftsmanship.


Features: Beautiful stainless steal appearance – sharp blades – dishwasher friendly.

Price: High End





ProCook Professional – Number 3

ProCook Professional X50 Knife SetThe UK’s leading kitchen knife supplier, ProCook is a reliable and established company within the food industry. With incredibly functional and stylish products, the ProCook knives are a highlight in what is a quality and dependable catalogue of kitchenware. Here are some of the products features.

  • Contains: 9cm/3.5in paring knife, 13cm/5in utility knife, 15cm/5.5in chef’s knife, 18cm/7in santoku knife, 23cm/9in bread knife and a 25cm/10in carving knife.ProCook Professional X50 Knife Set Review
  • Great for professional and proficient use due to their unique micarta handles and firm grip.
  • X50 German stainless-steel blades providing excellent strength and durability.
  • However, the knives should be hand washed and dried accordingly and are not dishwasher friendly.
  • Heavy but with a sturdy and resilient blade that provides a consistent and clean cut.

The ProCook Professional X50 Knife Set 6 piece is great for those wanting to take their chopping to the next level. Durable and sturdy, the blade provides the perfect cut on the chopping board and is a useful appliance to those who love to work within the realms of the kitchen. Every chef should have one.


Features: Sharp blade – durable grip – professional and proficient appearance.

Price: Mid-Range






Although all three are excellent in their own unique way, it is the ProCook Profession X50 Knife Set that takes the top spot. Visually pleasing, the knife is also robust, long-lasting and sturdy. These knives are worthy of any kitchen and come at an affordable price. They won’t let you down.





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