Best Professional Chefs Knives Reviews

Best Professional Chefs Knives – Reviews 2019 – 2020

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The Perfect Chef Knife – Top 3 Of Today

A lot of people say the pride of the home is the kitchen. This is true in my opinion, because, whether you are a bachelor, a student or a mother or father with a family, the kitchen is not only a place to prepare good food or a place to gather and enjoy that nice meal you’ve just prepared. However, the quality of the kitchen starts not only with the table tops or the cooker, but the tools you use, namely the knives you have to prepare the meals. These are the top three chef quality knives out there on the market today.


ZELITE INFINITY Chef Knife Review – Our Number 1

ZELITE INFINITY Chef KnifeThis larger chef’s knife (view at Amazon), at ten inches, is a quality blade, perfect for chopping vegetables or meat. Made by Zelite, who are well known for the production of quality chef’s knives, this one does not fail to keep up with their standards. It has a rather large price tag on it, but at the same time if you want to pay for quality you are getting every penny’s worth with it. The features of the ZELITE INFINITY Chef’s Knife are as followed.

  • Steel Blade. This knife is made from a top quality Japanese high carbon stainless steel. Meaning that this blade, if taken care of will take care of you meat and vegetable chopping needs for a long time, only adding to the reason why this item is worth its price tag.ZELITE INFINITY Chef Knife ReviewThe extra length on this knife helps with deeper cuts. So, if you want to chop something with a little more girth to it, like a swede or a really thick cut of steak, the extra length on it, will help a great deal when it comes to this.
  • High Quality, comfortable grip. Using military grade materials, the handle was specifically made to provide a top quality handle. It is both durable, since I can be a little heavy handed at times, when chopping thicker vegetables, but at the same time does not take away from any of the comfort from the grip itself.
  • This blade has quality all round, and that does not stop at the sharpness of the blade itself. Thanks to the materials used in its construction, the blade is not only long, but extremely sharp, making short with of pretty much anything you want to use it on, from those thicker cuts of meat to something like a watermelon or a squash.

This item may boast a big price tag, however, I would not stop for a second to think about the price. If you want top quality you may need to shell out those few extra pounds to get it. This item is worth consideration when it comes to buying a chef quality knife.


Features: Japanese High Carbon Stainless Steel Blade – Additional Length – High Quality Comfortable Grip – Extremely Sharp

Price: High-End





KBK Chef’s Knife Review – Number 2

KBK Chef’s KnifeThis chef’s knife from KBK is a well-designed and stylish knife. It’s slim design and well-crafted handle makes it not only look nice but all very easy to work with, when cutting vegetables, and other items like this. The design pros from this knife are as followed.

  • It has a high fibre, stainless steel core. I found that the knife itself, was flexible, but, even with my heavy handedness, it did not fail to produce quality work when it came to cutting up what I needed to use it for. The flexibility in fact helped with the pressure of cutting some of the things I needed to use on it. And, even though flexible, as stated before, it is not easy to break, and crafted in such a way to be both bendy and sturdy.KBK Chef’s Knife Review
  • Having a balanced blade only seems to enhance the ease on how to use this knife. It provides a smooth and nicer cutting experience. The join between the blade and the handle itself, only seems to increase this factor as well. The design of the blade is made for one thing, or so it seems to me, to make your life when it comes to chopping up food, that little bit easier.
  • The fibre handle was a great design point for the knife. It’s all well and good having a sharp and balanced blade, without a comfortable grip. The way the handle is designed makes the chaffing or general soreness from overuse of a knife not that much of a problem. Of course everyone has their limits, but the handle’s design makes that limit slightly increase in my experience.
  • The general design of the knife is not only well made, but it looks really stylish as well. With a rather slim build, it not only looks nicer than some of the meat cleavers out there, but it makes for nicer handling, even if you have smaller hands. A definite bonus.

The KBK Chef’s knife is a solid piece of equipment. From the way it handles, to the design itself, it is extremely well made especially for the price you are paying. Compared to other professional one’s it holds its own. Still hold a price tag that might be outside of other people’s price range, it is still a solid piece of equipment, worth buying. I would highly recommend this knife to those who want an easier time in the kitchen without shell out of professional level priced knives.


Feature: High Fibre, Stainless Steel Core – Balanced Blade – Fibre Handle – Slim and Stylish Design.

Price Range: Mid-Ranged





Godmorn Chef Knife Review – Number 3

Godmorn Chef KnifeWith an eight inch blade, it is not the longest chef knife out there, but it has a study design and simplistic but elegant look to it. It is a similar style to a class design of chef knife, and it is refreshing to sometimes have something to goes back to the classics. The design pros of this knife are as followed.

  • It is made from quality steel made in Japan. It has a rigid blade, allowing for more force behind the chopping you do, which is nice, since I sometimes worry about breaking knives when I am cutting up something on the larger size like a squash. The blades strength is really a strong selling point for the Godmon.
  • Along with the rigid blade it also has a comfortable handle, which is nice, since they have taken a classic style of knife and gotten rid of one of the major flaws of that design. The comfortable handle makes for a nicer time in the kitchen, no matter how long you spend in it.Godmorn Chef Knife Review
  • The knife’s edge has been designed to be naturally sharper that most blades out there. It means it needs less time being sharpened, so that means more time chopping food with it, but it still needs taking care of like any good piece of equipment. However, the naturally sharper edge makes chopping that much easier.
  • Finally, there is the general design itself. It is well balanced which is important in a knife, because an unbalanced blade not only makes for a rougher chopping experience, but it can be extremely unsafe to use. So, the well balanced design not only adds to making chopping with it easier, but also safer.

Cheaper than the other three, it is still a good quality knife, especially for those who are on a budget. I personally would recommend this to any aspiring chefs who still are not sure enough to shell out for the really experience knives out there. To put it simply, the Godmon Chef Knife is worth purchasing.


Features: Rigid Blade – Comfortable Handle – Naturally Sharper Edge – Well Balanced

Price Range: Budget






All three knives are worth buying in my opinion, they are all good quality kitchen tools, and more than worth their price tag. However, thanks to the longer blade and high quality materials used to make it, so it has one of the smoothest chopping experiences I have had, the best out of the three goes to ZELITE INFINITY. Even so, if you want alternatives to this knife, if you just cannot afford it, for the moment, the other two are still worth consideration of purchasing.





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